11 Of The Best Ice Fishing Boots For Women On Amazon Prime - Super Cute!

Here are 11 Super Cute Ice Fishing Boots For Women You Can Buy On Amazon Prime

Best ice fishing boots for women on Amazon Prime
Best Super Cute Ice Fishing Boots For Women! 📸 Krysten Potega https://www.krystenpotega.com/

We recommend everything on this list. We hope you enjoy the goods we suggest! Just a little note, we may get a portion of the sales from the links on this article should you order from here. And prices on these boots are accurate at the moment of publication, but always check the final price at the checkout page.

1. Here's a cute pair of winter ice fishing boots from Sorel, a leader in cold weather footwear. They're the Sorel Women's Explorer Joan.  They're leather and suede with a faux fur collar, and with 100g of insulation they'll keep your tootsies toasty.  And you'll look good too!

Sorel Women's Explorer ice fishing boot
Sorel Women's Explorer Joan 
I am a ski coach and I am outside all winter. These are the first pair of boots that I have owned that keep my feet warm even on the coldest day of the year. They are stylish and cute too! I highly recommend to anyone looking for boots. Only slight issue with them is the traction is the best, but that is what ice trekkers are for.
Amazon review by Kayla Battista

2. The Women's Columbia Ice Maiden II Boots will keep your feet dry and give you style and protection while you're out on the ice.  And with 200G of insulation and the padded footbed, you'll be so comfy!

In Alaska we hiked in a rain forest soaking wet but my boots kept my feet dry, and looked super cute. Cleaned up easy so I could wear it around the boat. I took formal pictures with them and on many port excursions. Easy to slip on and run out the cabin. Great value, good quality highly recommend for the fashionable outdoors girl 😉 I have wide feet and I put many miles on my boots. They still look brand new and my feet didn’t hurt.
Amazon review by Kris

3.  These are the Muck Boots Hale Multi-Season Women's Rubber Boot.  Muck is one of the standards in cold weather outdoor gear, and these Women's Hale boots are perfect if you're looking for sporty, multi-season boots that are also perfect for general everyday use. They're available in a variety of fun colors and offer comfort that's lightweight and a great fit.

Muck boots women's hale cold weather boot
Muck Boots Women's Hale Multi-Season Rubber Boot
I have been wanting a pair of muck boots for a long time. Being from Michigan you never know if 1 day we are going to have snow or rain. They are tall and very heavy duty. They are so comfortable that i could wear them all day and not be bugged by them. I went up a size because i have cold feet and like to double my socks but i would say if you only plan on wearing 1 pair of socks you can order to size. They only down side is i have big calves and they are a little sung when i try tucking in my pants. I guess that could be a good thing to keep dirt and water out. I wore them sledding this past winter and they kept my feet warm and dry! I would recommend these to anyone.
Amazon review by Melissa

4.  Baffin began making cold weather footwear twenty-five years ago .  These Baffin Icefield Women's Low-Calf Height Boots are available in black & white are a hybrid style of high performance footwear in the way they're made, so they're super warm, fit great and they're comfy.  And not to mention, sooooo cute!

Women's Baffin Icefield Calf Height Boots
Baffin Icefield Women's Low-Calf Height Boot. 
These are incredibly warm. I stood out on a frozen lake for two hours and they kept my feet dry and warm. They lace like snowboarding boots: that means if you have weak hands or even arthritis, it might be hard to snug the laces enough to feel secure. I wear a size 6, and these were an 8. Many people mentioned that they size up one size, but air circulation is necessary to maintain warmth or feet get cramped and sweaty and then cold. They can be worn outside w/o lacing them,  I did just to take the dog out to pee or take the garbage out. I was a bit self-conscious about them, but I got so many comments on how great they looked and how warm they looked that I let go of any anxiety. My daughter (12) often stole them to sled with her friends. :/
Amazon review by Rebecca J

5.  The BOGS Women's Arcata Knit Waterproof Insulated Winter Snow Boot is a super-easy boot to get on and off.  You can slip them off when going inside for a minute or two, then put them back on and cinch them up to go back out!

I almost returned these because I thought they were going to be too small, I have wide feet but they feel comfortable. I wear thick socks with them I’m a pet sitter/dog walker.It’s 18° today /windchill of 1° and my feet are comfortable. I like the ease of them sliding on and off. I never have to tie them etc.-but you can adjust the laces if needed, they’re not just for looks-These work out well when I’m going into peoples homes and need to take my boots off quickly.
Amazon review by Mel V.

6.  Looking for a stylish winter snow boot?  These Women's Polar Waterproof Insulated Durable Winter boots are cuties from ArcticShield.  Any weather is no match for these boots, rated for warmth to -40.  And the lugs on the sole will get you through the deepest snow and keep you from slipping.  We love the cute fur collar and easy cinch laces!

Arctic Shield Women's Insulated Winter Boots
I have been looking for nice snow boots that are affordable, cute, but also snowproof. I have been struggling for a long time to find the right boots, so I decided to try these out. These are AMAZING!! I am not a fan of this style of snow boots (but of course this style is always the best at what it does) but I wear these all the time. I really enjoy the white and I think they are very cute. They do look clunky, but I don't even care anymore because of how durable they are. I walk my dog and go to the park with her and she'll drag me through 12 inches of snow and layers of ice, and I have yet to slip and my feet stay warm and dry even in subzero weather. I love these so much that I got a pair for my grandma. I will say that the first time I wore them, they felt like they fit weird and were hard to walk in, but now I feel completely fine in them. I think I just needed to get used to them because of how big and bulky they are. But now I can run through snow in them. Definitely recommend!
Amazon review by Arianna

7.  If you're looking for cute style, look no further than these Dream Pairs Mid-Calf Waterproof Winter Show Boots.  They'll keep out moisture, ice, snow, and water to keep feet dry. The fluffy faux fur has covered the whole shoe from toes, insole to the shoe collar.  They'll match with any jeans or leggings so you'll look good for girls day out on the ice!

I’ve been looking for boots for a while, and finally decided to just buy some and I could not be Harper that I got these! I usually wear an 8.5 and my foot is slightly on the wider side, so based on reviews I purchased a size 9. They fit perfectly! I can wear them with regular socks or my thicker wool socks and they feel great! The fir lining in the inside is so comfortable and keeps my foot very warm, even on cold days. So far they seem to be very water resistant. These boots are a great value and look so nice! So happy I got these!!
Amazon review by Eileen F.

8.  These are calf length winter boots but still manage to look good.  The Baffin Women's Dana Snow Boot is part of the ultralite collection, where they match comfort and agility without sacrificing style.  They're breathable, waterproof, and rated for -58F. These boots are some of the lightest out on the market especially considering how warm they are!

baffin women's dana ice fishing boot
Baffin Dana Women's Ice Fishing and Snow Boot
It has taken me so long to find boots that keep my feet warm walking in snow and slush. Every winter since I bought them, I've been pleasantly surprised by how perfectly warm my legs and feet are kept in even the coldest trudges through feet high snow in Chicago winters. I love these boots because these residential sidewalks aren't always able to keep up with the sleet on the ground, and they have the correct height and padding to keep me dry and warm.
Amazon review by Phoenix

9.  These TIDEWE Hunting Boot for Women are calf-length winter boots with 6 mm Neoprene & rubber material to keep dry and warm.  They're rated to -4F so they'll be great for spending all day in the ice fishing shack or on the water.

These are the best work boots I’ve ever owned. Heavyweight and good quality. Easy to wash off after getting dirty. Great coverage to prevent your feet and pants from getting muddy. Good tread. I wear them in the winter in Pennsylvania without even putting socks on and they keep my feet super warm and comfortable (but I recommend socks especially if you’ll be sweating).
Amazon review by Deanna

10.  The high-performance Muck Boot Women's Arctic Ice Mid Snow Boot is perfect for the hard core ice angler who wants her feet to stay warm and not be slipping around.  The Vibram arctic grip is great for deep snow and ice, it's Vibram's best cold weather gripping system.  And the 5mm neoprene inner boot layered with cozy fleece lining will keep your toes warm!

Muck Arctic Women's Ice Fishing Boots
Muck Arctic Women's Ice Fishing Boots

Why was I waiting so long to pull the trigger on these? Absolutely love them. Former city girl who lives in the mountains these days. I needed something warm for winter when I'm walking my dog or doing chores around the yard. These are incredibly warm, ridiculously comfortable, and have a super grippy sole that perfect for slippery leaves, snow and ice. So super functional...but without compromising style. I hate paying good money for ugly things:-) Bonus benefit: awesome for keeping my feet warm during socially distanced drinks outside. We have an outside fire pit where we hang with friends. The fire would keep me warm, except the feet...enter the Artic Ice Mucks. Did I say I love the look too? I'm truly in love. Btw: get a size smaller. I'm normally a size 9.5/10. Got these in 9 and can where them with thick socks. The foam molds to your feet without being too snug.
Amazon review by sonange v loo

11.  Baffin's Women's Snogoose Winter Boot easily takes on a harsh winter's elements with its waterproof design and fully tractioned rubber soles. The drawstring lacing system and drawstring collar will keep the warmth in with its full insulation. So bring on the blistering cold because you'll be prepared, and hey, with 5 colors available, you'll look good too!

I normally wear a size 9 shoe and ordered these in a size 10, which fit great. They were even a bit tight at first before I "broke them in". I therefore rated the fit as "somewhat small" as I am fairly confident that my regular size (9) would have been too small. So far I have worn these boots ice fishing, snowmobiling, and hiking, and they have held up admirably. My feet only got slightly cold while ice fishing, when I was basically sitting still for 3+ hours. My feet never overheated while snow hiking or while wearing the boots indoors for an hour or two. My only negative comment would be that the main drawstring to tighten the boot around your foot/ankle is somewhat difficult to adjust tightly, and when tightened I needed to tuck the extra cording at the end in the side of the boot in order to avoid stepping or tripping on it. I have been comfortable without tightening the boots very much - I leave the drawstring at a point which allows me to slip in and out of the boots easily without readjustment.
Amazon review by Morgan S.

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