12 Things To Buy On Amazon Prime To Keep Your Boat Clean And Organized!

Here's our list of 12 things you can buy on Amazon Prime to keep your boat clean and organized!

Buy these thing to keep your boat clean and organized
Best Things You Can Buy On Amazon To Keep Your Boat Clean And Organized!

We recommend everything on this list. We hope you enjoy what we suggest! Just a little note, we may get a portion of the sales from the links on this article should you order from here. And prices are accurate at the moment of publication, but always check the final price at the checkout page.

1. Introducing the ingenious Savvycraft T-Top Storage Bag.  This new bag is designed with heavy duty marine grade 600D Polyester, and packs neatly in the canopy of your boat.  It's the perfect size to utilize the unused space on your T-top Hard top, and the fabric is UV treated and water resistant for those days in the hot sun on the water.  The mesh top prevents moisture build-up.  All you do is use the Velcro loop fastener straps and adjustable heavy-duty webbing buckles for a quick and easy install on your T-top or Bimini. Two zippered compartments and three mesh pockets are easy to help organize your gear, including life vests. The stretch elastic cord zig-zags across the bottom for easy access to towels, rain gear or other items.

Handy Storage For T-Top Or Bimini

Savvycraft 600D T-Top Storage Bag

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"Had to do a bit of a modification to get to fit my Yamaha Jet boat tower (but I kinda knew that going into this project). Very happy with it so far. Love the pockets and the fact it does hold 6 vests. Has velcro "open air" (mesh) pockets all around as well for extra storage. Also came with two D rings."
Amazon review by Lori

2. We love these Kemimoto Boat Caddy Organizers.  Every boat can always use an extra cup holder, right?  And these will keep your boat well organized too. This boat organizer can hold your drinks, cup, phone, car keys, tools, etc. Plus, the holes around the edge are great for hanging fishing lures. Whatever stuff you might need, it always holds them in place and keeps them tidy. Made of high quality ABS, and you can hang it virtually anywhere in your boat.

Best Organizer Caddy For Your Boat

Kentimoto Boat Caddy Organizer 2 Pack

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"I love these things. I always need a place for my beverage in my boat and these do the job nice. I hard mount mine with screws and I have these same ones now on 3 boats."
Amazon review by abrowning

3. Framed Stretch Mesh Net Pocket from Organized Obie.  The first of it's kind! This super nice Ipad/tablet framed net holder is PERFECT for most electronics. The 4 screw holes secure it to virtually any surface, and the 10" wide pocket's netting is super elastic and tight knit for holding small items and keeping them easily accessible. Exceptionally durable to handle the even the toughest days on the water.

Sturdy Mesh Net Organizer For The Boat (or RV)

Framed Stretch Mesh Pocket Organizer From Organized Obie 

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"The plastic frame is U shaped. The arms of the 'U' are flexible so they tend to be pulled inward by the netting. I screwed in the TL, BL and BR holes and saved the TR hole for last. I pulled the right arm to the right to make sure it the whole frame was stretched in the shape of a perfect 'U' then I put the last screw in. Works great!!!"
Amazon review by Juan D Geshman

4. Premium Marine Grade Boat Scuff Erasers from Better Boat Store. Looking for a quick and easy way to clean scuff marks?  These premium Boat Eraser cleaners quickly remove dirt, grime, grease, salt, mud & scuffs from the deck, console, hull & seats of your boat. They lift away marks left by shoes, fishing rods, nets, tackle boxes and coolers.  Cleans without bleach or other harsh chemicals, just add water, squeeze to activate and wipe away dirt and stains!  They're safe on fiberglass, plastic, aluminum, gelcoat and metal surfaces too.

Better Boat Scuff Erasers

Better Boat Store Premium Marine Grade Boat Scuff Mark Erasers

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"We ordered more of these. They work much better than magic erasers to take out scuffs and marks inside and out side of the boat, and are much more durable they don’t fall apart as quickly as magic eraser’s do. Will continue to purchase them."
Amazon review by Just kickin

5. Super Absorbent Towels Drying Chamois Cloth from Better Boat Store.  These highly absorbent towels are made from sponge-like synthetic chamois PVA material that literally sucks up and holds onto water, drying surfaces faster than cloth towels.  You can use these as a "shammy", a boat swim towel, or even a cooling towel.  It'll leave your boat's interior spotless!  It'll never leave behind streaks, scuffs or lint, and it's machine washable and can take a beating.  Simply wring it out and keep absorbing spills!

Super Absorbent Dry Towel To Keep Your Boat Dry

Super Absorbent Towels Drying Chamois Cloth from Better Boat Store

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"Really works well with washing vehicles. Better than any other sponge or cloth like method I used before. This has a rubber like consistency but it glides really well on wet surface. If you are familiar with "frog" towel that kids use at sporting events...very much the same. Probably the same product rebranded for car wash application but doesn't matter to me. It works great and saves time."
Amazon review by Thomas E Sheridan

6. There's always an issue of where to put trash on the boat.  Problem solved with the Boat Trash Bag - Medium Hoop Mesh Trash Bag for Your Boat from the Boat Trix store.  This is a totally simple mesh and nylon bag yet it does such a great job holding trash.  And it's movable too.  It's got great capacity because it can hold more than 20 empty cans and they won't fly out when running.  The 4" opening is like a funnel for trash.  And it's guaranteed for a year. What's not to like!

Best Way To Store Trash On Your Boat

Boat Trix Medium Hoop Mesh Trash Bag For Your Boat

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"This trash bag is extremely handy and compact. I wish I would have bought this a long time ago. I hang the bag inside the console on my boat so it’s out of the way and empties easily when the day is done. Further, the bag holds a lot more than I realized. I definitely recommend this trash bag."
Amazon review by Mike Miller

7. INNOCEDEAR 2 Pack Premium Navy Blue Dock Lines.  When you own a boat and bad weather hits, don't your stress levels may go through the roof?  No worries with Innocedear premium dock lines.  They're double-braided so the inner core and covering both are strong.  And these are made with soft, military-grade nylon for durability and shock absorbing properties.  This comes in a 2-pack, so bow and stern are covered.

2-Pack Of Soft And Durable Dock Lines For Your Boat

INNOCEDEAR 2 Pack Premium Navy Blue Dock Lines

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"The loop fits a cleat on the bow of my boat and I put a stainless steel carabiner on the other end which clips into an eye in the bed of my F150. Makes launching by myself a piece of cake. Just connect both ends, back the trailer to the water's edge, unhook the winch and safety chain and back in and float your boat off. Pull forward slightly so you don't get wet, unclip the truck end and walk your boat to the dock. Love it! The 25' is perfect for launching my 15' center console."
Amazon review by DonInDurango

8. Gotta clean that boat right?   We love this top selling 4-pack from the guys at Boat Bling, Bling Sauce Cleaning/Detailing Kit for Boats. Finally there's a solution for removing spots without damaging wax!  There's 4 types of boat cleaners here:

Hot Sauce - Hard water spot remover with polymer sealants. Removes waterspots on boats without damaging wax, and leaves a streak free shine.

Vinyl Sauce - Premium vinyl, leather and plastic boat cleaner. Safe and effective in removing tough grime from interior surfaces. Trusted by the leading OEM marine vinyl manufacturer.

Condition Sauce - Ultimate UV protectant and conditioner for your boat's interior. Great for rubber, plastic and leather surfaces. Functional UV protectant that provides a stunning "Just Detailed" look.

Quickie Sauce - Professional boat wax with show sealant and UV protection. Montan wax blend is easy to apply and ideal for exterior painted and fiberglass surfaces.  It's the protection of a paste wax in 1/2 the time.

We love this brand and the creative product names.  Boat Bling was founded in 2004 by two avid boaters and friends with the goal of bringing out great products for cleaning your boat.

They decides on cleaning products and the “Sauce” names were created on a cocktail napkin over Mexican food (hence the Hot Sauce name).  Brilliant!  And yeah, they work too.

4-Pack Of Boat Bling Sauces For Cleaning Your Boat

Boat Bling Sauce Cleaning/Detailing Sauces For Boats

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"Usually I do not write reviews. I have tried so many cleaners that last few years and I feel like I usually have to do so much scrubbing and it never really looks good once everything dries. I sprayed the vinyl cleaner on my white boat seats, I let it sit for about 10 seconds and wiped it off and it was amazing. My boat was getting a new motor and there were dirty hand prints on the white interior and it cleaned up really well. It removed the stains and some of the mildew spots. The best part is that you do not have to use a ton of elbow grease! I will continue to buy!!! Will be trying the rest of the products this weekend!"
Amazon review by ashleigh lyons

9. Gotta get that grime off of the hull !  STAR BRITE Instant Hull Cleaner is formulated to begin working on contact to remove unsightly grime, yellowing and waterline stains.  It's proven to be very effective at removing rust stains or leaf stains from fiberglass or painted surfaces.  It won't harm the surface being cleaned and is an ideal preparation for polishing the hull. Star brite products are made in the United States since 1973, and trusted by boaters all over the world.

Best For Cleaning Your Boat's Hull On Contact

Star Brite Instant Hull Cleaner

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"This stuff is incredible! After a summer of sitting in the lake I used to have to scrub until my arms were sore to get the lake grime off, I gave this a shot and I will never scrub my hull again! Wipe on with a sponge let it sit a couple minutes and watch your hull be restored to factory beauty! I did a final wash with star brite blueberry boat wash and wax and our boat looked as good as new. Run and get this and make your life easier!"
Amazon review by elizabeth

10. Looking for a way to clean those nooks and crannies?  The Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Battery Power Scrubber is the answer.  This handy helper cleans up to two times faster than manual scrubbing, delivering 60 scrubs per second to clean all those hard to reach places. With three different brush attachments suitable for all kinds of tasks around the home, and designed to clean even in hard-to-reach spaces, you can toss the old toothbrush and get cleaning chores done faster with the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber.

Clean The Boat 2x Faster With The Rubbermaid Power Scrubber

Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber For Your Boat

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It is easy to use and so much better than anything I've tried before. I use an oxi formula with it and off it comes. I'm talking about years and years of stain.
Amazon review by Judy Beaverton

11.In a potentially wet environment, you always have things that NEED to be dry.  This Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box is your solution.  This box is perfect for tool kits, flares, first aid supplies. Anything you put in this box will stay safe and dry. It features a water-resistant O-ring seal and a comfortable over molded handle.

Keep Your Important Things Dry When Out On The Water

Plano Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box

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Never purchased this brand or type of storage container. Extremely pleased with this purchase. The box is well constructed, with a silicone sealer that lines the top of the box and secures a seal with the body of the case. Visual inspection indicates it's a good seal, but the company is not claiming it to be waterproof. Anyway, I bought 4 of these orange plastic containers. I plan to use at least 2 for first aid kits, where water resistance to keep the integrity is imperative. The other 2 containers will be kept in the basement, filled with tools and accessories (think drill bits, saw blades, stray hand tools). I'll toss in a few silicon dry packs to absorb any humidity, too. I can think of various uses for a locking container like this. So far, can't find any problems or defects with this product. Happily, I can give this full star rating, and a high recommendation.
Amazon review by Gnemik

12. Need a quick touch up after a day on the water?  Then you'll want these Boat Cleaner Wipes with UV Protection from the Better Boat Store.  Their premium boat wipes are fast and easy to use, they quickly wipe away dirt, salt and grime, while protecting against the sun's harmful UV rays.  They're petroleum free, non toxic, and non-greasy.  The convenient wipes are perfect for touching up your boat before or after a day on the water, leaving surfaces spotless and protected.

Best For Touch-up Cleaning Your Boat

Better Boat Boat Cleaning Wipes With UV Protectant

Check Price On Amazon
Like that they are not super wet and sticky. Cleaning an old pontoon boats seats they cleaned well and with some elbow grease action on some tough spots I was impressed!
Amazon review by Kathy
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