Watch These Amazing Pike Attacks: Catching Northern Pike

Learn the best lures to catch big northern pike and watch amazing underwater footage of northern pike attacks.

northern pike attack videos
These are amazing Northern Pike attacks caught on video

The video titled "Amazing Pike Attacks Of 2021!" features footage of pike fishing filmed by Alex “The Ginger Fisherman” and posted on his YouTube channel, which is dedicated to catching all types of freshwater fish from barbel in fast flowing rivers to canal pike in the UK.  Alex uses both dead and live bait, which is totally within the rules where he is fishing. Some of the footage was recorded in autumn, while the last bit was recorded in cold weather.

The video includes some amazing footage of nonstop pike attacks, as well as the Alex testing out a new rig.  And as you’ll see, it doesn’t turn out well.

Check out the video here:

Now in case you’re not familiar with the Northern Pike, here’s a quick guide to the life cycle of these toothy predators.

Life Cycle of Northern Pike: A Quick Guide

As one of the most sought-after freshwater game fish, the northern pike (Esox lucius) is a fascinating species with an interesting life cycle. Understanding the life cycle of northern pike can help anglers and fish enthusiasts better appreciate this species and make informed decisions when it comes to conservation efforts. In this article, we will take a closer look at the various stages of the northern pike's life cycle, from egg to adult.

Northern Pike Egg Stage

The life cycle of a northern pike begins when a female pike lays her eggs in shallow, weedy areas of lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water. The eggs are typically laid in late winter or early spring, when the water temperature is around 6-8°C (43-46°F). A single female northern pike can lay up to 500,000 eggs, which are adhesive and stick to vegetation or rocks.

Northern Pike Larval Stage

Once the eggs hatch, the young northern pike enter the larval stage. At this stage, they are only a few millimeters long and feed on tiny aquatic organisms such as zooplankton. During the larval stage, northern pike are vulnerable to predation by other fish, birds, and aquatic invertebrates. They may also be affected by changes in water temperature, dissolved oxygen levels, and water flow.

Northern Pike Juvenile Stage

After a few weeks, the northern pike larvae grow into juveniles and start feeding on larger prey such as insects, crayfish, and small fish. At this stage, the pike are still relatively small and hide in dense vegetation or near underwater structures to avoid predators. Juvenile northern pike are often found in shallow, weedy areas of lakes and rivers, where they can ambush their prey.

Northern Pike Sub-Adult Stage

As the northern pike grow and mature, they enter the sub-adult stage. At this stage, they are more active and start venturing out into deeper water. They also begin to feed on larger prey such as larger fish, frogs, and small mammals. Sub-adult northern pike are still vulnerable to predation, but their larger size and more aggressive behavior make them less likely to be preyed upon.

Northern Pike Adult Stage

Once northern pike reach maturity, they enter the adult stage. Adult northern pike are typically 24-30 inches long and can weigh up to 30 pounds. They are apex predators and have few natural enemies. Adult northern pike feed on a variety of prey, including other fish, frogs, snakes, birds, and small mammals. They are also known for their aggressive behavior and can be difficult to catch using traditional fishing methods.

How To Catch Northern Pike

Pike can be found in a variety of habitats, including lakes, rivers, streams, and even brackish waters. Northern pike prefer shallow, weedy areas with plenty of cover, such as submerged logs, rocks, and vegetation. They also tend to congregate around drop-offs, weed edges, and other underwater structures where they can ambush their prey.

We caught quite a few Pike on a trip we took to Bemidji, MN a while ago while drifting in our boat next to the weedline.  We were using larger minnows and letting them float just off the weeds right at the dropoff, on a hook about 3 feet below a common slip bobber.

What Are The Best Lures for Big Pike?

Here's our quick list of lures that anglers agree are among the best lures for big pike:

Mepps BM HO-BO Musky Killer-Bucktail

The Bucktail has been one of the most used pike lures for a long time.

Rapala X-Rap Subwalk

These look like minnows, with lateral lines and scales that flash in the light.

Strike King Rage Swimmer

A paddletail is a go-to, and the Rage Swimmer is one of the most versatile paddletail swimbaits on the market.

Truscend Glide Bait

These are extremely lifelike and large, with 3D realistic eyes and pearl powder coating.

Acme Kastmaster Spoons

These spoons are versatile, and can be fished in a variety of ways - fast or slow, deep or shallow.

Northern Pike Attacks - Final Thoughts

Amazing Pike Attacks Of 2021! is an exciting video that showcases the prowess of Alex "The Ginger Fisherman" in catching freshwater fish, particularly pike, with both live and dead bait. The video provides stunning footage of non-stop pike attacks, and Alex also tries out a new rig, with mixed results.

Understanding the life cycle of northern pike can also help enthusiasts better appreciate this species and make informed decisions when it comes to conservation efforts. From the egg stage to adulthood, the northern pike's life cycle is a fascinating journey that sees them grow and mature into apex predators.

And catching Northern Pike can be tricky, but anglers just need to be aware of their preferred habitats, such as shallow, weedy areas, and underwater structures. Using the right lures can also make all the difference in catching big pike.

Cheers to the great outdoors,

About The Ginger Fisherman:

The Ginger Fisherman is a YouTube channel by a passionate fisherman in the U.K. named Alex who shares his fishing adventures and experiences through his videos, which are filled with tips, tricks, and techniques for catching different species of fish. Alex is known for his friendly and enthusiastic approach to fishing and his ability to get some unique footage of his catches.

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