The 7 Best Marine Speakers To Keep Your Party Going!

Looking for the best marine speakers on the market? Look no further! Our 7 best top rated boat speakers are sure to rock your boat!

best marine speakers
The Best 7 Marine Speaker Options For Your Boat To Get The Party Started

Best Marine Speakers - Quick Guide

JBL MS6510 6-1/2" 300 Watts Max Power MS Series
Rockford Fosgate M0-65  6.5"
Kicker 41KM654CW
Pioneer TS-MR1600
Rockford Fosgate M2-8HB
Kenwood KFC-1653MRW

Can’t decide on the best marine speakers for your boat?

There's nothing like having killer sound anywhere, let alone on your boat.  I'm a real music fan and I usually have some music going in the background wherever I am.  One of the first things I do when I'm grilling is fire up the music.  And I'm not alone.

A pair of marine speakers is a great investment, and can enhance your music experience while on the water. While standard speakers can be damaged by environmental conditions, the power of marine speakers is unmatched. Ensure that the speakers are powerful enough for the volume that you need. Look for the peak power rating on the speaker's specifications.

There are so many choices to make, you don’t have the time to wade through the options. No worries, we have you covered with our research so you can make an educated marine speaker buying decision quickly.

Keep reading to find the speakers that will put you and your crew in dance mode the next time you hit the water.

How We Choose

We know that the only thing better than having great tunes is the peace of mind that comes with it, knowing you don’t have to apologize about how the music sounds.  None of this scratchy out of range FM radio reception-like sound with these speakers.

Our team has read through thousands of user reviews and star ratings to come up with a list that makes it easier for you to decide on speakers. Don’t bother spending lots of time reading over many many reviews, we’ve done it for you and have come up with the top marine speakers to help you get the most out of your next fishing trip.

There’s a pair of speakers here that’s best for you!  Read below for details and you can check the price on the ones that you like.

So What Are The 7 Best Marine Speakers?

1. JBL MS6510 6-1/2" 300 Watts Max Power MS Series

Crisp Audio At An Affordable Price

If you're looking for the best marine speakers on the market, look no further than JBL MS6510. These 6.5-inch speakers are designed to handle the demanding conditions of life on the water, offering both excellent sound quality and durability. Made with 300 watts of max power, these speakers deliver crystal clear sound no matter how choppy the seas may be. In addition to their impressive sound output, these speakers also feature a UV resistant housing that protects them from damage caused by sun exposure or saltwater spray. So if you're looking for top-of-the-line marine speakers, look no further than JBL MS6510. With their unbeatable combination of high performance and durable construction, they are sure to be a great addition to your boat.

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2. Rockford Fosgate M0-65 6.5" Full Range Speakers

Highly Rated To Rock Your Boat And Everybody On It

Designed for outdoor use, the M0-65B marine grade full-range speakers offer excellent sound quality, and are built to last under a variety of conditions. The speakers' Element Ready(r) design means that they can withstand salt, water, dust, and UV light. The speakers also come in an all-black finish.

The M0-65 full range speakers are purpose built to play high quality sound in outdoor environments, featuring marine grade weather proofing technologies, that is ideal for rockin your marine and motorsports vehicles

The M0-65 are a pair of white 6.5" full range speakers delivering superb low end and mid-range frequency reproduction, rounded out by smooth crystal-clear high frequencies from the grille integrated LCP balanced dome tweeter.

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3. Kicker 41KM654CW

Looks Good, Sounds Good

Kicker 41KM654CW marine speakers are designed to deliver full-range audio in a marine environment. They fit into the KICKER KM empty enclosures for boat towers. They're a high-end solution but yet very easy to install.

The Kicker 41KM654CW marine speakers are also sleek and stylish, and they blend in with the decor of your boat. The speakers are also water-resistant and coated for protection from sunlight. This marine speaker offers a high-quality sound performance, and will enhance the overall enjoyment of your boating experience.

Despite their slim design, Kicker 41KM654CW marine speakers are built to withstand harsh conditions. They are splash-and-spray-resistant and feature water-resistant urethane gaskets. The speakers' gold-plated wire terminals are resistant to corrosion. They also feature a water-resistant, weather-resistant grill and are durable enough to withstand marine environments.

Kicker 41KM654CW marine speakers are capable of cutting through the sound from the loud engine of a boat, and will be sure to keep the party going all day long.

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Pioneer TS-MR1600

Resists Water, Corrosion And Heat And Keeps The Party Going

The Pioneer TS-MR1600 marine speakers are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of salt water, humidity, and extreme heat. They also feature an IMPP composite cone and elastomer surround to resist color fading and extend product life. You can enjoy your favorite music even in the most extreme conditions with the help of these speakers.

The speakers are designed to provide high-quality sound, with powerful bass and clear highs. They are water resistant, with a urethane gasket and corrosion-resistant parts, and gold-plated wire terminals to avoid corrosion. They also come in a sleek design, which blends in perfectly with your boat's interior.

The Pioneer TS-MR1600 marine speakers are an excellent choice for the outdoors, and they'll help you enjoy music for hours on end. They provide bass that cuts through the boat's engine noise, and they have a full-range frequency response. 

Pioneer's TS-MR1600 marine speakers have a water-resistant IPX4 rating and a good mid-bass response, and rated for a maximum power handling of 100 watts. The two-way tweeters feature gold-tinsel wiring.

The Pioneer MVH-MS310BT marine-audio receiver includes 13-band graphic equalizer, dedicated "Bass Boost" button, and time alignment. The Pioneer TS-MR1600 marine speakers pair well with the Pioneer MVH-MS310BT marine-audio receiver to produce a crisp, clean sound, and are remarkably durable.

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Best Value In Wake Tower Boat Speakers

The BOSS Audio MRWT40 wake tower marine speakers are another solid choice. These marine speakers are water-resistant and weatherproof. The speakers are easily compatible with most audio amplifiers and are protected by a durable rubber surround. They have a good frequency response and can cut through loud boat engine noise.

These high-quality speakers are available in two models. The TS-MR1600 has a 30-Hz to 30 kHz frequency range, while the TS-MR2040 features a 200-watt coaxial design. The speakers feature a water-resistant IMPP composite woofer and a reflex horn tweeter. They also feature waterproof coatings on the magnet circuitry and are highly efficient. Keep your skiier happy with tunes while out on the water with these Boss Audio MRWT40 wake tower speakers.

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Rockford Fosgate M2-8HB Color Optix

Extra-Loud, Clear, Accurate Sound, And Lights The Way For Your Journey

Rockford Fosgate M2 8" marine speakers feature RGB LEDs. They can handle 250 watts RMS, and come with a stainless steel or black sport style grille. They are equipped with Color Optix RGB LEDs, and include a controller that allows you to control the color of the speakers.

These marine speakers are compatible with the Color Optixa Lighting System, and are IP67-certified. They are also accompanied by a pair of 10" Infinite Baffle subwoofers. They are IP67-certified and are compatible with the Rockford Fosgate RF Connect App.

These speakers have a white frame and black grilles. They also feature aluminum mesh inserts and 1-inch high-temperature Kapton voice coil formers bonded to a moisture-resistant flat aramid fiber spider. Their bass response is excellent, and they can even be used with subwoofers that cover the lower audio frequencies.

These M2-8HB marine speakers are available in three different performance levels.

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Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5" 2-Way

Power And Precision For Your Boat's Sound System

If you are looking for a great set of marine speakers on the market, the Kenwood KFC-1653MRW is a great choice. These high-quality speakers are designed specifically for use in boats and other marine environments, making them well-equipped to withstand standing water, heavy vibrations, and other hazards of life on the water. 

They also deliver crystal clear sound reproduction, thanks to their powerful built-in amplifiers, high-performance woofers, and dome tweeters. And with options for both stereo and mono applications, these speakers are sure to meet all of your audio needs for your marine adventures. So if you want reliable speakers that will keep you and your guests boppin all afternoon, grab a set of Kenwood KFC-1653MRWs. They a top choice in marine speakers available today.

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What Should You Look For When Buying a Marine Speaker?

The array of options for marine speakers can be daunting, but it is important to make the right choice. In order not get confused by this vast variety we've compiled a list with some key features that will help you find your perfect match.

Type and Size

If you are looking to replace your factory-installed speakers with new marine ones, make sure that they have the same 6.5 inch diameter as what was originally installed because this is how manufacturers measure speaker sizes. To ensure a perfect fit and avoid any installation problems down the line it’s best to take precise measurements before starting your project, so you can keep the install looking clean and neat, just like you want to keep your boat.

Box or flush speakers? Which one is better for your boat?  That is a question that you must answer for yourself. Box style speakers require less installation space but take up more room when compared to flush mount type of unit which are easy-to install.  One consideration is also how much space is behind the speaker in order for the magnet and cone to do their job.

Understanding your size restriction will significantly narrow your options, allowing you to move on to the next factor in making your final decision.


Speakers can handle more power than what’s delivered by an amplifier. Make sure to check the RMS (Root Mean Square) rating, not just peak watts if you want your speakers safe from damage.

RMS power handling value is a depiction of how much continuous power a speaker can handle, generally per channel.

Different Types

Marine speakers come with two different types, each of which is well suited for a completely unique installation scenario. Tower speaker systems offer more power and can easily attach to boats' wake towers while conically shaped ones work best when placed aft so you may blast your favorite tunes in front or behind the vessel depending on where people will be fishing from, or skiing from.

Box-shaped box tower types installed correctly take up little space due to their shape; however this type does require an opening that's just right – not too big but also wide enough because you don't want sound coming out only one side.

Recessed speakers must be installed on the boat’s dashboard or in a panel, ceiling, or wall. These speakers require a cut-out that is appropriate for the size of your speaker.

Important Features

The features of high-quality marine speakers are critical, so it's important to focus on a few key items here.

Weatherproof Capabilities

The common misconception is that all marine stereos are water-resistant. In contrast, they have circuit boards coated with UV resistant material to prevent corrosion in wet environments.  Only certain models can withstand rain or other forms of moisture without problems. If they're sealed on the faceplate and not the chassis, then they are only partially waterproof.


Connecting your portable device to the stereo is easy with most docks, but if you want full access and control over what's playing on-the go then look for one that offers an aux audio input or bluetooth connectivity.  Most marine stereos have an aux audio input with a 3.5 mm input connector, but bluetooth connections will give you the most flexibility.


If you want your speakers to last, look for ones that are made of tough material. Also make sure they can handle whatever life throws at them by being waterproof and resistant against rust as well as corrosion. The best kinds come with plastic cones - this will protect them during rainy weather without compromising sound quality too much

Number of Drivers

Various drivers are available, including coaxial two-way, triaxial three-way, and dual cone models.

Coaxial or 2-way speakers handle high frequencies and an efficiently good range of audio.

Midrange drivers are added to triaxial or three-way speakers for a more crisp and full sound.

But with a small Whizzer and high-frequency cone in the middle of the woofer, dual cone marine speakers cheaper and sound great for most people's needs.


The best speakers have a shielding from cables and magnets that may cause interference.


The "head end", or the main unit controlling the speakers will have an amplifier component to it, or in some higher end setups, a separate amplifier is added to boost the power of the speakers.  This brings other issues, like decreased battery power due to the additional drain on the battery.

Sound Quality

This is a "duh, of course".  Of course if you're looking for the best marine speakers, you want them to sound great.  Bring along your favorite songs, and a variety of them to test out the speakers.  You may want to hear both clean jazz and hard bass rock or heavy metal through the speakers before you make a decision.

Best Marine Speakers FAQ

If you're like most, you're having trouble deciding on what marine speakers are right for your setup.

No worries, we’ve created a mini buyer's guide of frequently asked questions to help you choose the right speakers for your needs. Hopefully one of these questions is one you've already asked yourself about what speakers will help turn your fishing trip into the concert of a lifetime.

What is the loudest marine grade speaker?

The Wet Sounds REVO speakers are the loudest 6.5" speakers you can put in your boat. The power handling, tweeter size, efficiency, and tweeter material give these heavy-duty speakers the ability to handle the volume.

What is a good speaker for a boat?

Here are our recommendations for best boat speakers:

Does JBL make good marine speakers?

Yes.  The JBL MS6520 is an excellent affordable boat speaker, maybe even a great upgrade to what you already have, but they are not as crisp with the low-end audio, power handling and durability of the best boat speakers in our review.

Does Bose make marine speakers?

Yes. Bose® 131 marine speakers let you enjoy quality sound on your boat just as you do at home. You can connect these flush-mount speakers to your on-board stereo components and bring Bose quality to your boating experience.

What are the best 6.5 speakers?

Do marine speakers have good bass?

Yes, they can.  There are options but generally, marine grade speakers have a good full-range sound response between 80 Hz to 20 kHz and can produce decent bass performance.

Does Kenwood make marine speakers?

Kenwood's marine speakers bring power and precision to your boat's sound system. Designed specifically for marine use, Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6-1/2" speakers feature water-resistant cone woofers and balanced 1" dome tweeters.

What amp do I need for 6.5 speakers?

Generally you will need a 4 channel amplifier. if you want to connect a subwoofer in the future, get a five channel amplifier.

The Best Marine Speakers - The Last Word

So what’s the best pair of speakers for your boat? The answer to that may vary from person to person but we’ve tried to provide a variety of best options for you based on thousands of reviews. We hope you find this information helpful to find the best marine speakers to rock your next trip.

All you have to do now is just click the orange button to check the price on the best speakers for you. Thanks!

Cheers to the outdoors,

We recommend everything on this list. We hope you enjoy the speakers we suggest! Just a little note, we may get a portion of the sales from the items this article should you order from here. And prices are accurate at the moment of publication, but always shop the final price for these great speakers at the checkout page.