5 Campfire Cooking Ideas For Delicious Easy Meals

Here are five easy and delicious camping meals that you can cook over a campfire.

Campfire cooking ideas
Campfire Cooking Ideas For Delicious Easy Meals

Looking to learn five easy and delicious camping meals that you can cook over a campfire? In the video below, Tia demonstrates how to cook simple recipes with a limited set of ingredients that are easy to carry and cook outdoors.

The video is created by "Tia and Andy," a couple who share their experiences with others to inspire them to pursue an unconventional life. The couple's website (https://www.tiaandandy.com/) encourages people to get outdoors and to live life on their own terms.

What are 5 campfire cooking ideas for easy and delicious meals?

One-pan chicken and vegetables: This recipe is easy to customize with any meat and vegetables of your choice.  Tia loves this recipe because it's so versatile and easy to make.

Campfire caprese brie: This is an easy one-pan meal that requires a round of brie, cherry tomatoes, basil, and balsamic glaze, which makes it perfect for a snack or a full meal.

Broccoli cheddar soup: This hearty soup is perfect for cold winter camping nights. You just need chopped onions, butter, flour, milk, a bouillon cube, some broccoli, cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper.

Beef penne: This recipe requires only pasta, salt, olive oil, ground beef, onions, mushrooms, and pasta sauce.

Campfire pizza: This recipe is a bit more challenging, but it's a fun activity to do with friends or family. You can either make the dough yourself or buy it pre-made and add your favorite toppings.

Watch Tia and Andy's video:

The resources mentioned in the video are the couple's website, tiaandandy.com. If you're planning a camping trip, the video provides some great ideas for easy, delicious, and quick meals that you can make over a campfire.

Campfire cooking FAQs:

Q: Can I make substitutions for the ingredients in the recipes?

A: Yes, you can customize the recipes with any meat and vegetables of your choice.

Q: Can I cook these recipes on a gas stove?

A: Yes, you can cook these recipes on a gas stove or a grill if a campfire is not available.

Q: Can I store the leftover food?

A: Yes, you can store the leftover food in a cooler with ice. Make sure to keep the temperature below 40°F.

Q: What equipment do I need for campfire cooking?

A: You'll need some basic cooking utensils like a spatula, tongs, and a pot or pan. Additionally, you'll need a heat source like a campfire or portable stove, and possibly a grill grate or skewers for certain foods.

Q: How do I clean up after campfire cooking?

A: After cooking over a campfire, make sure to properly extinguish the fire with water and dispose of any remaining coals in a designated fire pit or by burying them in dirt. Clean your cooking utensils and any food scraps, and pack out any trash to leave the campsite clean for the next camper.

About Tia and Andy: Tia and Andy love to adventure. Although they both work regular 9-5 jobs, they don't believe your whole life should be spent in front of a screen. The world has so much to offer, and all you need to do is get outdoors and enjoy it.  Its not about the destination but instead about the adventure.

Cheers to the great outdoors,

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