Going From A Co-Angler To A Pro Angler: Chad Smith’s Journey

How To Go From Co-Angler To Pro Angler: Chad Smith's Pro Fishing Story. Watch this video of Chad Smith's and how he went from a champion Co-Angler to now a Bass Open Pro Angler.

Co Angler To Pro Angler Chad Smith
Chad Smith Has Made The Transition From Co-Angler To Pro Angler

This is a really cool video is about the story of Chad Smith, a Bassmaster Opens pro, and his journey to becoming a professional fisherman. He started out as a co-angler in 2013 but decided to drop out of college and pursue fishing full-time after his dad encouraged him to go for it.

Chad has since had a streak of top-twelve tournament finishes and has set a record for holding eight top-ten finishes out of eleven consecutive events.

The video also features interviews with people who have worked with and know Chad, including his fellow fishermen and friends.

The co-angler plays a crucial role in assisting the angler in locating the fish, providing necessary support and supplies, and helping with the logistics of the trip.

Here's the video Chad's Co Angler To Pro Angler story, "Co 2 Pro":

About Chad Smith:

Chad Smith, a seasoned angler renowned in the highly competitive realm of professional fishing, has made a name for himself through his years of experience, unrelenting passion for the sport, and exceptional skills as a top competitor in bass fishing tournaments. With a deep well of fishing knowledge and a mastery of gear and techniques, Chad is widely acknowledged as one of the industry's premier anglers.

But Chad's impact on the fishing world extends far beyond the water. As a sought-after speaker and commentator, he uses his platform to share his expertise and insights with audiences at fishing events and seminars, inspiring and educating the next generation of anglers.

Whether casting lines on the water or captivating crowds with his words, Chad Smith is dedicated to advancing the sport of fishing and spreading its appeal to new generations.


Chad’s Partners:

Daiwa         Warner's Dock
Simms         Skeeter
Yamaha        Lowrance
X2           Power Pole
Catch Co          All Terrain Tackle
Fear My Heart     Amphibia
Bass Mafia       Bassman
TH Marine       Yeti

Owner         Featherwick

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