The 7 Best Spring Bass Lures You Just Can't Leave Behind

These 7 spring bass lures will have you covered for just about every situation for big spring bass.

7 top spring bass lures
7 Of The Best Spring Bass Lures Are Right Here

7 of the best spring bass lures are right here.  And a few may be obvious.

Top Spring Bass Lures - Quick Guide:

  • Zoom Super Fluke
  • ZMan MinnowZ
  • YoZuri Suspending Jerkbait
  • Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait
  • Rapala X-Rap
  • Booyah Boo Jig
  • Booyah One Knocker Lipless Crankbait

Most people can’t decide on the best bass lures to use in the spring.  You're probably one of them, right?

Spring is a really great time to get out fishing, to target one of the top sport fish in the world.  Most people in northern climates have been cooped up all winter, maybe some have gotten out on the ice, but even so, open water calls and people are ready to get outside.

There are so many choices to make, you don’t have the time to wade through the options. No worries, we have you covered with our research so you can make an educated decision on what lures you want in your tackle box in the spring.

Keep reading to find the top 7 bass lures that'll be right for your situation.

How We Choose

The only thing better than having the right lures at your fingertips is the peace of mind that comes with it, knowing that you're prepared and no matter what happens you've got the ammo to go after largemouth bass.

Our team has read through thousands of user reviews and star ratings to come up with a list that makes it easier for you to decide what are the best spring lures for you. Don’t bother spending lots of time reading over many many reviews, we’ve done it for you and have come up with the top 7 lures to help you get the most out of your next trip.

The right lures are out there for you.  Read below for details and you can check the price on the ones that you like.

What Are The 7 Best Spring Bass Lures?

1. Zoom Bait Salty Super Fluke Bait - 10 Pack

Salt-Infused Fluke Swimbait

Zoom Bait Salty Super Fluke 10-Pack

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Why We Love It

The Zoom Flukes are great swim baits that can be fished in a number of ways.  They attract a lot of attention, with good water displacement and a great action. Zoom uses a salt mixture in their baits that makes a fish hold on for that extra time that gives you more hook ups.

The deep belly of the Super Fluke causes it to dart, glide and knuckle through the water.  Its universal baitfish size allows it to tempt both limit sized bass and the bigger ones too.  If you rig it weightless, it skitters across the surface like an injured shad.  But a belly-weighted hook or an inserted weight allows you to get it as deep as you need.

Here's What To Know

  • 5.25 inches
  • Perfect as a baitfish imitator
  • Deep belly features a hook slot
  • Forked tail helps it to swoop and glide
  • Salt-infused
  • Works well around grass and laydowns

2. Z-MAN MinnowZ 3 inch Soft Plastic Paddle Tail Swimbait

Z-Man's Top Selling Baits Worldwide

Z-Man MinnowZ 3 Inch Soft Plastic Paddle Tail Swimbait

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Why We Love It

Z-Man MinnowZ are 3 inch soft plastic paddle tail swimbaits that are some of Z-Man's top selling baits worldwide. Z-Man MinnowZ mimic the look, action and strike-evoking attraction of a live minnow better than any soft bait on the market.

With colors ranging from Baby Bass to Hot Chartreuse to Pink Glow, this bait can be used for a variety of fishing conditions and species all across the globe. Z-Man makes these in over 40 colors, in packs of 6 baits.

Here's What To Know

  • Soft, 10X Tough ElaZtech construction for extreme durability
  • Lifelike swimming action
  • Pairs with Trout Eye jigheads, 3/0 JigheadZ, or 3/0 HeadlockZ HD jigheads
  • Split dorsal protects hook point for completely weedless rigging
  • 3-inch length, 6 baits per pack
  • Made in the USA

3. Yo-Zuri 3DS Minnow Suspending Shallow Diving Crankbait

Tournament Caliber Suspending Jerkbait

Yo-Zuri 3DS Minnow Suspending Shallow Diving Crankbait

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Why We Love It

The 3DS Minnow is a tournament level suspending hard bait that has a tight wiggle action when fished with a straight retrieve. It's a flat sided bait, so when fished in a twitch-pause-retrieve style, it produces an erratic action that gamefish find irresistible. This bait has a unique injured bait fish action unlike anything else on the market.

The molded in pectoral fins add to the lifelike appearance of this bait which produces incredible reaction strikes.  This 3DS comes in both fresh and saltwater color patterns, all of which feature Yo-Zuri's patented 3D prism finish.

Here's What To Know

  • 3D Internal Prism
  • Tight wobbling action
  • 9/16oz
  • Max Diver Depth 6-ft
  • Diamond Shaped Lip

4. Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait 08

Best For Aggressive, Darting Action And Classic Rattle

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait

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Why We Love It

The X-Rap slashbait has an Xtreme attitude with its hard-cutting, aggressive darting action. The integrated beads give this the classic rattle sound. It suspends and comes to a roll at rest to trigger the bite. The X-Rap is full of action and is designed to trigger strikes.

Here's What To Know

  • Hard-cutting, aggressive darting action
  • Runs at depths of 3-8 ft
  • 1/4 Oz
  • Classic Rapala action and rattle
  • It suspends and comes to a roll at rest to trigger the bite

5. BOOYAH Boo Jig Bass Fishing Lure with Weed Guard

Best To Drop Into Brushpiles And Grass Beds

BOOYAH Boo Weedless Skirted Jig

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Why We Love It

The BOOYAH Boo Jig is designed to slip down inside brushpiles or through vegetation without snagging. This jig features a flat bottom 18-degree rise, which positions the hook perfectly for a sure hookset.

Ultra Point premium black nickel hook, heavy weed guard, two magnum rattles and a full body 50-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt complete this bass-catching package.

Here's What To Know

  • Weed guard design
  • Flat-bottom 18-degree rise
  • Black nickel light wire hook
  • 60-strand ultra fine silicone skirt patterns
  • 5/16 oz lure weight
  • Strong hard coat paint with plasti-keeper spike

6. Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait - The   Double Take

Twin Counter Rotating Blades And Double Hooks

Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait

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Why We Love It

Strike King's top-of-the line buzzbait has the new "Perfect Skirt" that blooms wide and even, and the exclusive "Magic Tails" serve as a trailer. Together they give more action than typical skirts.

The Premier Plus also has twin counter rotating blades that create extra lift allowing it to track straight at slower speeds. This also causes the water to spray outwards making a lot of  commotion on top. It also comes with a pre-rigged Sabre point trailer hook, making this bait ready to fish right out of the package.

Here's What To Know

  • Exclusive Z-man perfect skirt
  • Magic Tail trailer
  • Twin counter rotating blades
  • Pre-rigged Sabre point trailer hook
  • Variety of color patterns for different conditions

7. BOOYAH One Knocker Lipless Crankbait

Single Rattle Vibration To Trigger Reaction Strikes

BOOYAH One Knocker Lipless Crankbait

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Why We Love It

The BOOYAH One Knocker has a single rattle. The lower pitched thump is more subtle for bite-shy fish. The One Knocker is available in three sizes to match the baitfish forage.  The One Knocker can be ripped through grass flats to trigger reaction strikes much like a topwater.  It's a unique lure from other bladed baits, and is definitely one we recommend you keep in the tackle box.

Here's What To Know

  • Single rattle vibration designed lure
  • The lower pitched thump is more subtle
  • Available in 3 sizes to match the baitfish forage
  • Cutting edge color patterns
  • Ultra sharp treble hook design

Categories Of Bass Lures

Soft Plastics

Spring is one of the best times of year to fish for bass, and there are few better baits than a soft plastic. Fish in clear water rely heavily on sight, so having an early spring lure that looks similar to what fish are eating will result in more bites. With so many rigging options available, a soft plastic is an easy lure choice for this time of year.

Texas rigs, shaky heads, and Carolina rigs are three favorite ways to fish a soft plastic in the early Spring. Each rigging option has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all three can be effective in the right situation. Texas rigs are great for fishing around cover, while shaky heads work best in open water. Carolina rigs can be used in both situations, but they're best when fishing over deep water.

No matter which rigging option you choose, make sure your bait is tuned to the conditions you're fishing in. The better your bait looks, the more bites you'll get.

Suspending Jerkbaits

In springtime, the fish are pre-spawn and actively feeding, and they can be found in a variety of different habitats. While there are a number of different lures that can be effective during the spring months, suspending jerkbaits are some of the best baits for early spring fishing.

Suspending jerkbaits are versatile lures that can be fished in a variety of ways, and they can be effective in both clear and stained water. Give these baits a try in the spring, and you'll be surprised at how effective they can be.

Finesse Jigs

When the water begins to warm in the spring, bass start to chase baitfish. It's a time when a finesse jig is a good option. A finesse jig has a smaller profile than other jigs, which makes it look more like a baitfish. Bass are more likely to bite a lure that looks like their prey. These jigs are best used around rocks, docks, and other types of cover. These areas tend to warm up quickly in the sun, making them attractive to bass. Using a finesse jig is an effective way to catch bass in the spring.

Spinners/Blade Baits

The chatterbait is one of the best lures for fishing in the springtime. Its unique design - a tight wobbling bait with a streamlined swimming profile - makes it perfect for covering a lot of water and attracting fish. The blade on the chatterbait calls fish in, while the swimming action convinces them to strike.

You may want to add a trailer to your chatterbait.  Some good  trailers for a chatterbait are the Yamamoto Zako or 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm - both soft plastic lures that have an inviting swimming action without taking away from the intended action of the chatterbait. If you're looking for a great lure to use in the springtime, the chatterbait is a great option.

You may want to read our review on the Best Trailers For Chatterbaits here. 

Lipless Crankbaits

Spring is when the fish are active and feeding after a long winter, and there are a variety of techniques that can be used to catch them. Lipless crankbaits are a versatile type of fishing lure that can be used in a variety of ways.

One of the best things about lipless crankbaits is that they can be fished unweighted, which makes them ideal for fishing in shallow water, or weighted, which makes them ideal for fishing in deeper water. Another great thing about lipless crankbaits is that they can be fished slow or fast, depending on the situation. Slower retrieves are often best when fish are inactive, while faster retrieves can be used to trigger an ambush strike.

Regardless of how they are fished, lipless crankbaits are sure to produce results.

What's the best color?  Think about using a lipless crankbait in a crawfish type color, to mimic one of a bass' favorite foods.

Spring Bass Lures FAQs

Well you probably can't decide at this point.  You're not alone.

We’ve created a buyer’s guide of frequently asked questions to help you choose the best spring bass baits for your needs. Hopefully one of these questions is one you've already asked yourself about bass lures.

What is the best lure for bass in spring?

Here are some of the best early spring bass fishing lures to try this season:

What colors do bass like in the spring?

Springtime colors should be shad and crawfish-related whites, white/chartreuse, reds, and browns. In the summertime when days are hot, water temperatures will be higher. So bass will move near shore early to feed and then return to open water later in the day.

What do bass bite in early spring?

Crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, and jigs slowly dragged across the bottom are all effective for deep, early-spring bass. Bass will begin looking for the warmest available water and start to move into the shallows as soon as these areas warm up.

What lures to throw in spring?

In spring, no matter the water clarity, it seems that bass love a white swim jig. Depending upon the size of fish you are targeting, try a trailer that compliments the bait. Minnow or swimbait style trailers are very popular during this time of the year.

What time of year do bass hit topwater?

Topwater fishing is one of the best ways to catch bass during late fall, early spring, and late spring when they are in their spawning areas. Topwater baits will often entice a reaction strike from bass during this time, which creates some topwater explosions you'll never forget.

What colors do bass see best?

Apparently bass do see color. It seems colors they see best are medium-red to green. It decreases rapidly when you get to the blues and purples, as it does towards the far reds.

How old is a 10 pound largemouth bass?

In a Florida study, 822 trophy bass (10 pounds and up) given to taxidermists showed a mean age of 9.7 years, which means a growth rate of about a pound a year.

The Best Spring Bass Lures - The Last Cast

So what are the best spring bass baits? The answer to that may vary from person to person but we’ve tried to provide a variety of best options for you based on thousands of reviews. We hope you find this information helpful to find the ones that work for you.

All you have to do now is just click the orange button to check the price on the best lures for you. Thanks!

Cheers to the outdoors,

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