The Best Rain Gear For Fishing? Kick Back At The Weather With These 9 Options

Kick Back At The Weather With These 9 Fishing Rain Gear Options To Keep The Elements Away.

The Best Rain Gear For Fishing? Kick Back At The Weather With These 9 Options
What Is The Best Rain Gear For Fishing? Here Are 9 Top Choices

You’ve got a fishing trip scheduled in a few days and you look at the weather and it’s not looking good. So do you bail?  Nope.  Not a chance. But you’ll need some rain gear so you’ll be ready, because you’ll be damned if you’re missing this trip. Right?  Sound familiar?

Ok so what to wear, what to wear.  If you can’t decide, we’ve got 5 top options of the best rain gear for fishing right here.

Raingear has come a long way in recent years.  You can still wear a poncho, but why?  A lot of companies that focus on fighting back bad weather make some really good jackets and pants.  And think about it, you’ll buy a lure because it has purple tinsel on the skirt instead of gold because you think it will catch more fish.  It may, it may not.  But you think it will, so therefore it will.

But with outerwear, there’s actual science that goes into some of the new jacket.  With materials like Gore Tex and Thinsulate, these new class of rain gear is like having a suit of armor, without all the clanging noises.  They can make every day a warm weather day.

There are so many choices to make, you don’t have the time to wade through the options.  No worries, we have you covered with our research so you can make an educated rainwear buying decision quickly.

Keep reading to find the rain gear for fishing that’s right for your situation.

How We Choose

We know that the only thing better than having the right outerwear is the peace of mind that comes with it, knowing you don’t have to worry about a little rain and wind ruining your outing.

Our team has read through thousands of user reviews and star ratings to come up with a list that makes it easier for you to decide on what rain gear to choose.  Don’t bother spending lots of time reading over many, many reviews, we’ve done it for you and have come up with the top 9 fishing rain gear to help you get the most out of your next trip.

Read below for details and you can check the price on the one that you like.

So What The Best Rain Gear For Fishing?  Here Are 9 Great Options.

FROGG TOGGS Men's Classic All-Sport Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit

Best All-Around Value In Rain Gear For Fishing

Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit

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Why We Love It

This is probably one of the best-selling rain suits on the market today. It’s full of features but also basic as the same time, if that makes sense.  There’s no need for the fun to stop when you’re wearing this combo. This is Frogg Toggs' Classic non-woven fabric with a waterproof and wind-resistant design. It’s totally breathable, meaning it won’t trap body heat, so wearers can enjoy full use hotter months. The versatile hood is adjustable and removable. The front zipper is covered by a snapped “storm flap”, which is nice. The pants are also adjustable, the waist and leg openings can be fit to keep out the elements and keep in the comfort.

Here's What To Know

DriPore 2 Gen technology in the middle of the three layers ensures water stays out.
Non-woven fabric blend for durability and flexibility
Small to XXX-Large, and multiple color options

Columbia Men's Watertight II Jacket

Keeps You Dry When You Need It Most

Columbia Men's Watertight II Fishing Jacket

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Why We Love It

This waterproof, breathable, fully seam-sealed jacket gives you top-notch protection from the elements, even in the heaviest of rains.  The fine mesh liner adds extra comfort in dreary weather. This jacket is so comfortable, it can even act as an everyday insulated windbreaker and rain jacket. The hood is adjustable, and the hand pockets and adjustable drawcard hem allow you to snug the waistline to keep dry.

Here's What To Know

  • Columbia’s Omni-Tech keeps this jacket waterproof and breathable
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Adjustable storm hood with an abrasion resistant chin guard
  • Zippered hand pockets with adjustable cuffs
  • Drawcord adjustable hem
  • Built to last, with Columbia’s legendary outerwear reputation

Columbia Men's Rebel Roamer Pant

Waterproof And Breathable

Columbia Men's Rebel Roamer Pant

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Why We Love It

Pair these pants with the Columbia Li Jacket and you’ll have a top shelf outerwear combination.  These waterproof, breathable, and seam-sealed keep outside elements from getting in, while still pulling moisture away from the skin.  The wide, adjustable waistband, nylon taffeta lining and quick-adjustable cuff tabs allow you to adjust the fit over shoes or boots.

Here's What To Know

  • Columbia’s Omni-Tech technology with air-permeable protection that’s waterproof and breathable
  • Nylon and elastane comfort-stretch fabric
  • Columbia’s signature seam-sealed waterproof construction
  • Multiple sizes for multiple body types

BLACKFISH Men's Gale 2.0 Quarter Zip Softshell Pullover

Rain Gear For Fishing With SPF Protection

Blackfish Gale 2.0 Quarter Zip Softshell Pullover

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Why We Love It

The Blackfish brand is an interesting one, sort of like they’re after our own heart.  They’re the “black sheep” of rain gear, in a good way.  It’s because they stand out among the masses in the apparel industry. It’s rain gear that keeps you dry, and has fantastic sun protection, and comfort that’s unmatched.  So the term black sheep turned into Blackfish, and so a growing brand came to be.

The Blackfish Gale 2.0 Pullover combines a warm and windproof fleece inner with a weather resistant outer layer.  The soft shell creates a barrier that keeps core temperature warm and provides comfort in cold and windy conditions.

Blackfish is a premium brand for those who prefer a premium product.  We love this brand and that’s why it makes our list.

Here's What To Know

  • Weather and water-resistant premium soft-shell exterior
  • Soft long nap fleece liner for maximum comfort
  • Features Thermal Snare Technology keeps heat inside and elements out
  • Adjustable cuff with inner lycra sleeve and hood/waist adjustments
  • Zippered kangaroo pocket with fleece liner

BLACKFISH StormSkin Gale 3-Season Pants

Premium Windproof And Waterproof Soft Shell Fabric Rain Gear

Blackfish StormSkin Gale 3-Season Fishing Pants

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Why We Love It

STORMSKIN Technology combines a premium windproof and waterproof soft-shell fabric with a free hanging long nap soft fleece lining that traps heat inside and creates both a waterproof and thermal barrier

The Blackfish Stormskin Gale Soft-Shell pants were designed to be paired with any of the StormSkin jackets or pullovers. When paired, anglers will be able to stay warm, comfortable, and dry in any weather conditions they face.

Blackfish has built a line of premium outdoor wear that is unmatched in performance and protection. Designed by anglers for anglers who demand premium level performance.

Here's What To Know

  • Wind- and waterproof premium soft-shell exterior
  • Long nap soft fleece liner for maximum comfort
  • StomSkin Technology traps heat inside and creates both a waterproof and thermal barrier
  • 10K Waterprooof with taped seams and weather-proof zippers
  • Articulated knee
  • Thigh high leg zippers
  • Angled leg pockets
  • Adjustable waist belt

Marmot Men’s PreCip Jacket

Lightweight Waterproof Rain Gear

Marmot Men's PreCip Jacket

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Why We Love It

Marmot was founded by a group of mountain-loving misfits who were passionate about the outdoors mainly camping and climbing.  We love this jacket for fishing too, for a variety of reasons.

The PreCip Jacket is a value-oriented, fully-featured raingear. The PreCip Men's Rain Jacket features Marmot's comfortable and breathable NanoPro waterproofing technology, which features densely packed pores small enough to keep water droplets from getting in, but big enough to let water vapor out, so it keeps you dry and cool. The PreCip also features fully taped seams to prevent leaks, an attached hood that rolls up when not in use, and a unique Driclime chin guard that protects against scratching when the jacket is fully zipped.  Someone was thinking when they designed this.

If it starts to get too hot, just open the “Pit zips”, zippered ventilation openings under the arms, so you can increase air flow.  And we love that you can stuff the entire jacket into its interior pocket and stash it in your pack or on the boat.

Here's What To Know

  • Sturdy and durable with a patented dry-touch finish
  • The Next Generation Of Waterproofing - PFC-free NanoPro recycled nylon fabric keeps you dry and is highly breathable
  • Adjustable hood
  • DriClime-lined chin guard
  • Fully taped seams
  • Bonded storm flaps over the zippers
  • Zippered pack pockets provide quick storage for your personal items.
  • Lifetime warranty

HUK Men's Gunwale Rain Water & Wind Proof Jacket

Waterproof Jacket With Easy Stow And Go

HUK Men's Gunwale Rain Water & Wind Proof Jacket

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Why We Love It

We’ve been using Huk raingear for a while and have no complaints, so it has to make our list.

The Huk Gunwale Rain Jacket features fully taped seams, a storm flap, zippered hand pockets, and an adjustable hood, to keep you dry and protected from the wind. And we love that because of this raingear's small size, it can be stowed in its own pocket and shoved in a convenient spot on your boat or in your car.

Here's What To Know

  • Fully taped seams
  • Storm flap
  • Zippered hand pockets and
  • Adjustable hood so you're fully prepared to be dry and protected from the wind
  • Packable pocket for easy stow and go
  • Water repellent coating repels water
  • Quick drying material
  • Wind resistant

HUK Men's Gunwale Water Proof & Wind Resistant Rain Pant

High Performance Rain Pants With Easy Stow And Go

Huk Gunwale Fishing Pants

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Why We Love It

Since we have the Gunwale Jacket on the list, it makes sense to have the Gunwale Rain Pant on the list also. The pants are perfect by themselves with other jackets, but paired with the jacket, it makes a nice matched raingear set.

The pants have fully taped seams, a zippered fly, zippered hand pockets and a waterproof zipper at the legs, so you’re fully prepared to be dry and protected from the wind. And it’s another item that has a packable pocket for easy stow and go.

Here's What To Know

  • Fully taped seams
  • Zippered Fly
  • Zippered hand pockets and a waterproof zipper at the legs
  • Packable pocket for easy stow and go
  • Water repellent
  • Quick drying material
  • Wind resistant

Simms Challenger Waterproof Fishing Rain Coat

Completely Waterproof And Comfortable

Simms Challenger Waterproof Rain Jacket

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Why We Love It

Simms has been making outerwear from Bozeman Montana since 1980.  Over the years, Simms has become a trusted brand in the outdoor industry.  We’ve used Simms waders for trout fishing for years and they’ve held up extremely well.

The Challenger is a top-notch product, used by anglers all over the world from Alaska to the Gulf Coast.  It’s lightweight and adjustable, and the high collar is a nice feature to keep your neck warm and dry in the cold weather.  It cuts the wind well and is highly waterproof and extremely comfortable.  It costs a bit more but if you want premium high-performance outerwear, you can’t go wrong with this Simms fishing rain jacket.

Here's What To Know

  • Reflective Simms logos on the chest and back
  • Toray fabric technology developed specifically for fishing jackets and waders
  • Heavy-duty QuadraLam engineered fabric with a micro-porous waterproof coating that utilizes 2-layer coated fabric, a single membrane layer and a tricot backer to offer improved durability
  • Completely waterproof
  • 100% taped seams, and YKK water-resistant zippers
  • Completely adjustable
  • Dual draw-cord adjustable bottom
  • 3-point adjustable Storm Hood in the collar
  • Center-front zipper Storm Flap
  • Zippered chest pocket with interior sunglasses chamois
  • Kill switch attachment loop on the bottom of the hem for watercraft safety

Best Fishing Raingear FAQs

It’s hard to decide on the best rain gear for your next outing, and if you’re like many, you’re clicking on lots of listings trying to figure it all out.

And if you can’t figure it out, mother nature will get the best of you and spit in your face during your next outing.  So we’re here to help you spit back.

We’ve created a buyer’s guide of frequently asked questions to help you choose the best fishing rain gear. Hopefully one of these questions is one you've already asked yourself about outerwear for your next trip.

What rain gear do fishermen use?

Q: What rain gear do fishermen use? Anglers use a wide range of rain gear for fishing, but the most common are bibs and jackets made from Gore-Tex or rubber. Top brands are Simms, Huk, and Frogg Toggs.

What is the best rain gear made?

Our Picks For Best Wet Weather Gear For Fishing:

Are Frogg Toggs any good?

In terms of value, the Frogg Toggs Xtreme Lite Rain Jacket is a win because it's permanently waterproof, fits well, and has superior temperature regulation features that make it good in rain and wind. And Frogg Toggs foul weather gear is a great value.

What is PVC rain gear?

PVC is commonly used in children's rain gear to provide a waterproofing layer on the fabric. Some rain gear has PVC-sealed seams while others use PVC to make colorful patterns and decals.

Is Gore-Tex the best waterproof?

Gore-Tex is great as a waterproof membrane, which is why Gore-Tex is used for so many different things. Gore-Tex is the worlds leading waterproof fabric brand and most outdoor gear companies use Gore-Tex in their clothing available today.

Why are raincoats yellow?

For the seamen, the yellow color seemed to catch on. The yellow rain jackets were best for visibility of the fishermen in case of fog or stormy seas, along with being altogether more practical and lightweight.

Is nylon or polyester better for a fishing rain jacket?

Both nylon and polyester resist water, but polyester resists it better than nylon. Additionally, polyester's water-resistant properties increase as the thread count rises.

The Best Rain Gear For Fishing – The Last Cast

So what’s the best rain gear for fishing?  The answer to that may vary from person to person but we’ve tried to provide a variety of best options for you based on thousands of reviews.  We hope you find this information helpful to find the best rain gear for your next trip.  Don’t let the elements make you bail!

All you have to do now is just click the orange button to check the price on the rain gear for you. Thanks!

Cheers to the outdoors,

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