Throwing A Cast Net From a Kayak: Quick Tips For Success

Here are quick tips on how to throw a cast net from a Kayak WITHOUT spiraling yourself into a wet disaster!

throwing a cast net
Here are some helpful tips for throwing a cast net from a Kayak without disaster striking!

Fishing, whether for leisure, recreation, or as a means of subsistence, is a time-honored pastime. The advent of kayaks has transformed the experience, enabling anglers to smoothly navigate waterways.

An essential but tricky technique for kayak-fishing enthusiasts to master is the art of cast net throwing.  If you're not careful, it could result in a wet disaster.

Here we'll go over a few helpful ways you can successfully throw a cast net from your kayak.

What is the best way to throw a cast net from a kayak?

What's Involved:

  • Cast Net: Duh!  Since we're talking about throwing a cast net, you obviously need one.  When you're throwing from a Kayak though, a smaller one is easier to handle.  A 6ft net is a good choice.  Choose wisely, picking a cast net that meets your needs in size and is made of durable materials for longevity.
  • Kayak: Duh!  Any type of kayak will suffice for fishing, as long as it is stable and has enough room to store your gear.
  • Paddle: To maneuver your kayak while fishing, a paddle is a must-have item.  No one wants to be caught in a kayak without a paddle.  (see what I did there?)
  • Bait: Whether live or dead, bait is crucial in attracting the right live fish to your net.
The "Horn" of a cast net is the very top of the cast net which is a round plastic piece where all the netting angles together and is tied.

Steps For The Perfect Cast Net Throw From A Kayak

  1. Position Yourself: Seat yourself in the center of the kayak, knees bent and feet flat on the bottom for stability during the cast.
  2. Load the Net: Grasp the horns of the open cast net and shake it to distribute the lead line evenly.
  3. Hold the Lead Line: In your dominant hand, hold the lead line while draping it over your other hand holding the cast net horns.
  4. Begin the Cast: With a circular motion, release the lead line at the right moment with your dominant hand. This will cause the cast net to spread out in the water.
  5. Reel it in: Once it reaches the bottom, start reeling in by pulling on the lead line with consistent tension and even gathering.
  6. Empty the Catch: Once fully reeled in, dump the fish into the kayak.
Here Ashley from Filling The Freezer YouTube channel goes over the best ways to throw a cast net from a Kayak.

Tips for Cast Net Throwing Success

  • Practice is Key: Throwing a cast net from a kayak takes time and practice to master. Try throwing it from the shore first.
  • Consider the Wind: The wind can greatly affect the outcome of your cast net throw. Cast into the wind to prevent it from blowing back onto your kayak.
  • Right Bait, Right Catch: Different baits attract different fish, so make sure to use the appropriate bait for your target species.
  • Stable Kayak: Keep your kayak steady during the cast net throw for a proper unfurl and sink to the bottom.

Throwing A Cast Net - Final Thoughts

Throwing a cast net from a kayak is a skill that requires patience and repetition to master.  For those who set their sights on a successful fishing trip, mastering the art of casting a net from a kayak is a crucial step. Yet, this task is not for the faint of heart, as it requires a balance of skill, patience, and a deep understanding of the net's tendencies.  Don't be discouraged by the initial challenges that come with the territory, for every seasoned angler had to start somewhere. By following these steps and tips, you'll be able to effortlessly cast your net from the comfort of your kayak.

Cheers to the great (dry) outdoors,

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